The Pilgrimage Path


On a Holy Land pilgrimage we walk in the footsteps of Jesus but we also cross the paths of the people of the Old Testament and the apostles of the New Testament.


It isn't possible to feature all of them here, but each pilgrimage visits the major sites associated with Christ, and a variety of other places significant to our faith.  No two pilgrimages are alike.


The joy of pilgrimage is that the experience of each place is both personal and precious to the individual pilgrim and enhanced by being with fellow travellers.


Differing individual reactions and experiences are among the blessings of pilgrimage and remind us that God's spirit is moving amongst us.


"The excitement and privilege of walking where Jesus walked, the history of the place, and all the sites we visited, gives me a whole new meaning when I read the Bible."  - A Pilgrim


"The more I experienced of Jerusalem, the more I sensed I was at the centre of history."  

- A pilgrim.